Décio Krause



Work in Progress

April 2013




Books in preparation


1.    Languages, structures, and models of scientific theories, with Jonas R. B. Arenhart

2.    Teoria de Quase-Conjuntos: uma matemática da indiscernibilidade, com Jonas R. B. Arenhart

3.    Paraconsistent Logic and Paraconsistency: Foundations and Philosophy, with Newton C. A. da Costa and Otávio Bueno.

4.    Tópicos em Ontologia Analítica, forthcoming by Livraria Ciźncia Moderna. 

5.    (Planning) Non-Reflexive Logics and Applications, with Newton C. A. da Costa and Jonas R. B. Arenhart.


Papers either submitted or in preparation

(copies under request)


1.    “Classical logic or non-reflexive logic? A case of semantic underdetermination”(with Jonas R. B. Arenhart). (Submitted to Revista Portuguesa de Filosofia). PDF

2.     “Physics, Inconsistency, and Quasi-Truth”, with Newton C. A. da Costa. PDF

3.    “Why non-individuality? A discussion on individuality, identity, and cardinality in the quantum context”, with Jonas R. B. Arenhart. Submitted  (forthcoming in Erkenntnis). PDF

4.    Paraconsistent quasi-set theory”, in preparation

5.    “Individuality, quantum physics, and a metaphysics of non-individuals: the role of the formal”, with Jonas R. B. Arenhart. Submitted to the proceedings of the conference Individuals Across Science: a Revisionary Metaphysics? (http://individuals2012.sciencesconf.org/) PDF

6.    “Logic reflections on the semantic approach”, with Jonas R. B. Arenhart. PDF

7.    “Quantum logical structures for identical particles”, with F. Holik and I. Gomez. (in preparation)

8.    “Quantum mereologyPDF

9.    “Philosophy of Quantum Mechanics: Quantum (non-)Individuality”, with Jonas R.B. Arenhart. Forthcoming in the Encyclopedia of  Life Support Systems (EOLSS), UNESCO. PDF

10.  Perspectivismo em filosofia da ciźncia, com Jonas R. B. Arenhart. Forthcoming in Scientiae Studia. PDF

11. Identidade e individualidade em química: uma abordagem filosófica e formal, com J. Schinaider (in preparation).